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Weather Doodles, Perfect for your Journal

Hi Everyone! Marie Browning here with some weather doodles. For this post, I’m presenting some easy Weather Journal Doodles for your planners, journals, tags and to help you warm up this winter!

I use products from Tombow to create the Weather Journal Doodles, and as their signature Designer, I receive all these products to play with. This coloring method uses Tombow’s wonderful new MONO Drawing Pens and TwinTone Markers!

Step 1: Sketch the Doodles

Use a mix media paper, but remember this method works on a wide variety of journal papers and cardstock. For the first step, use a 3H or 4H MONO Drawing Pencil to sketch out your doodle. Use a light touch when sketching to avoid denting your paper.

Step 2: Ink the Doodle

Use the MONO Drawing Pen 05 and outline the doodle and any main parts with this thicker pen tip.

Step 3: Continue Inking

Use the finer tips of the 03 and 01 MONO Drawing Pens for the details such as the sunglasses. At this time, erase the pencil marks. I like to use the MONO Light Eraser or the medium sized MONO Eraser, white.

Step 4: Add TwinTone Color

Add the TwinTone colors by adding a line of color in each part of the doodle. I used colors from both the Bright TwinTone Set and the Pastel TwinTone Set.

Step 5: Blend the Color

With a brush and water, blend the TwinTone colors. Be careful not to over blend – you may still see the original line of color and that’s okay, it gives the doodle more interest. Let dry completely.

Step 6: Add the Details

With the extra fine tips of the TwinTone Markers, add more interest by adding details to your Weather Journal Doodles. It’s these fine colored details that really add fun elements to your doodles.

Here is a Black and White version of the Weather Journal Doodles to practice your coloring.

-Happy Doodling!

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