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How to draw an easy Holly Wreath Doodle

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Hi Everyone! Marie Browning here with an easy holiday doodle. For this post, I’m presenting a Holly Wreath Doodle for your planners, journals, cards, tags or even to decorate the front of an envelope.

I used products from Tombow to create the Holly Wreath Doodle and, as their signature Designer, I receive all these products to play with. This colouring method uses Tombow’s wonderful new MONO Drawing Pens and TwinTone Markers!

Step 1: Sketch the Doodles

I used a mix media paper, but remember this method works on a wide variety of papers and cardstock. For the first step, use a 3H or 4H MONO Drawing Pencil to trace a small circle. Divide the circle into quarters. Use a light touch when sketching to avoid denting your paper.

Step 2: Ink the Doodle

Use the MONO Drawing Pen 05 and outline main parts with this thicker pen tip. I added berries at the four quartered points and the main branches. Each quarter section is the same.

Step 3: Continue inking

Use the finer tip of the MONO Drawing Pen 03 for the holly leaves. The leaf at the end of the branch is smaller than the other leaves.

Step 4: Continue inking the extra fine details

Use the MONO Drawing Pen 01 to add the curls or extra berries to fill in the wreath. At this point, you can be random in adding the finer details and not worry about being symmetrical. At this time, erase the pencil marks. I like to use the MONO Light Eraser or the medium sized MONO Eraser, white.

Step 5: Color the Berries

Using the bright red TwinTone, color the berries. Use the extra fine tip and drawing a tiny circle for the highlight. Then color in the rest of the berry. The bright red is from the Bright TwinTone Set.

Step 6: Color the leaves

Using the light green TwinTone, color in one half of the leaves using the medium tip. The light green is from the Bright TwinTone Set.

Step 7: Continue coloring the leaves

With the medium green TwinTone, continue to color the other half of the leaves. This two-toned coloring gives the leaves more variety, giving your wreath an attractive look. The medium green is from the Pastel TwinTone Set.

Step 8: Add Details

With the extra fine tip of the medium green TwinTone, add more interest by adding veins to the leaves. It’s these fine colored details that really add fun elements to your doodles. The lettering was added using the MONO Drawing Pen 05.

Using the same technique, you can create different wreaths by changing the size, the shape of your leaves, the colors or even just doing a part of wreath, the possibilities are endless! Have fun with this easy doodle to add cheer and color to your paper craft creations! Thanks for reading!

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