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Please sign my Onesie!

Hi everyone, @mariebrowning here to show you a great alternative to a guestbook at a baby shower. This baby onesie keepsake is for my new grandson Ryder.

What you need:

Freezer paper

MONO Twin Permanent Marker



1. Cut the freezer paper to fit on the inside of the front and back of the onesie (two pieces). Iron the freezer paper to the inside front and inside back with SHINY SIDE to the fabric. The shiny side of the freezer paper is a thin plastic film that sticks to the fabric and stabilizes it so people can sign the onesie without it moving all over

2. If you are having the baby shower before the baby is born you will need to save a spot to write their name after. Cut a label out of the freezer paper and iron onto the front. This will prevent anyone from signing in that space.

3. Have everyone sign the onesie with the MONO Twin marker. It is permanent and has two ends, a broad and and a fine tip.

4.Peel the Freezer paper from the onesie, wash and put it on baby!

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